Welcome to Doughvelopment!

My name is Molly and I love sweets, eats and treats!
You do too? Then we will be great friends if that is what you would call this relationship of me writing, you reading it from a world away? We will stick to friends.
When I am not stuffing my face with sugar and butter, I am usually checking out other food blogs, thinking about food, and taking pictures of food. What more do I need to do? Oh, right laundry, cleaning, sleeping and maybe having social interactions.
Anyhoo, in addition to loving food, I love fashion! I am slowly incorporating fashion tid bits into my posts, so stay tuned and we can laugh together at the results!

“I watch my caloric intake by watching cupcakes come ever closer to my mouth
and then I gobble them up.”

Want to work together? I would love to!
Want me to try your product? You bet I want to!
Please link back if using recipes from this site. Please do NOT use my photos unless you have my permission.
Questions? Comments? Contact me at Doughvelopment@gmail

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