The Scoop # 21

I am slowly finding myself in better spirits than my last Scoop! Yay! I still have not been able to bake and I am kind of going through baking withdrawal, I will take some intravenous butter and sugar please. I am hoping to find myself in the kitchen tonight, I had hope the same for last night, but I ended up in the kitchen for ice cream, not baking. I am determined to bake! So watch out! Anyhoo, here are some of my favorite links of late. I would love to share all that I pin, but I can’t so if you are hungry for more check out my overloaded Pinterest boards.

Are these for real? Bourbon maple bacon pecan cookies? YES, THEY ARE REAL.

I go through phases of liking cake and not liking cake, not really sure where I fall now, but I totally want to make this cake with brown butter and cookie dough frosting!

So, here is another cake, coconut and almond that is. I guess I have my answer about what “cake phase” I am in. Anyhoo, check out her blog! She is so sweet! Sweet as pie, err, I mean cake!!

I made an entire Pinterest board dedicated to donuts. Your welcome. And one just for waffles. I am not obsessed with either, promise. And if you are wondering why all of my food boards start with “A….”, it is so that they are right at the top when I am pinning because I’m too lazy to scroll and look for my food boards.

I have not eaten much watermelon this summer, but I hope to seek out a good late summer one to make these 4 ingredient popsicles!

Guess this scoop is all about cake today. This one is chocolate chip, which has been on my baking list for ages.

No bake Elvis bars. They’re raw and have bananas and coconut oil, therefore I deem them healthy. And calories don’t count.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies made with whole grains, which make these healthy and pumpkin totally counts as a vegetable. Eat up. And the nice blogger behind this recipe mentioned me on her site this week! AHHHHH! I kind of freaked because I have been reading her blog for a long long time and have always looked up to her, so for her to mention me was like meeting a celebrity, minus the autograph, but I totally did a happy dance!

What links are you loving?


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