Orange Creamsicle Dress

Walking the plank. 

 My recent "postless" span lasted much longer than expected, but I hadn't even planned to be "postless" to begin with. I recently woke up early one morning and made two recipes, but neither were up to par. I had been counting on at least one of those as being a success and I was going to post it, but they were kind of gross. I tried to make a honey wheat bread that I had had a restaurant and I also tried to make honey cookies because I have this huge jar of honey. Well I used up a lot of honey, but it was all for naught. In this time I also made banana cupcakes, but never got around to frosting and photographing them. There were also some really dry cookies that had good flavor, they just need a little work, then I will be sharing those! Also in this time I make 150 something sugar cookies! And worked with royal icing! Needless to say its not like I wasn't in the kitchen, in fact I was in the kitchen a lot! Anyhoo, enough excuses and on with the outfit post.
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12 thoughts on “Orange Creamsicle Dress

  1. Love this dress Molly! And LOL at the whole blogger-posing thing. I am seriously the worst. I think that is why I do this goofy smile in every pic. I am sooooo not a model. I think you do a pretty great job here though! :)xo – Marion

  2. Are you kidding me?! I LOVE your pictures, I wish I had brick walls and fences to lean against! I love your goofy smile! Maybe I should lighten up in my pictures? And thanks so much! xx

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