New York City Eats

So two weeks ago I went to New York City! While my visit was only about 24 hours, I had a blast! I finally got to see Wicked! All I can say is it was amazing! It was the first play/musical that I was not bored for a single moment! The singing was incredible, and I may or may not have mouthed words to the songs along with them (my sister had gotten the soundtrack a few years ago and I was hooked once I heard it)! Besides seeing this wonderful production, I also ate and shopped my way through NYC!
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4 thoughts on “New York City Eats

  1. At least you had a great experience! Ahhhh Macarons! So you're going to have to email the bad tasting cupcake, so I don't waste my money! You're nice not to call them out, I wouldn't of been nice! Lol!Have an awesome week! KIP!Annamaria@ArtByASM

  2. I know macarons! I love them!!! And I will email you! I was trying to be nice by not calling them out, but maybe I will have to email them and tell them about my experience because it was just really unfortunate. I heard so much hype about the place and was really excited, then to have a crappy cupcake…not fun! I hope you have a great week too! xoM

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