One Bowl Wonder Chocolate Cake

If you were scrolling through Pinterest would you be enticed by a pin showing "Crazy Cake" that is made with no butter and no eggs? I was intrigued by this cake, I think it was mostly the fact that it did not have eggs. Win, no cracking eggs! I have this weird aversion to cracking eggs. Once I opened the refrigerator and the eggs came flying out at me and went splat on the floor, yuck. Even before this, I was always bothered by cracking eggs because I feared I would find something else in there other than yolk. Is anyone else afraid of cracking eggs? If anyone is, let's start an egg-phobic support group.
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4 thoughts on “One Bowl Wonder Chocolate Cake

  1. I made this cake 32 years ago for a school project! It was called a "wacky cake" in the recipe, and I found it in my mom's "Progressive Farmer: Southern Foodways" cookbook, which is a fascinating read, if you can find one. She received it as a wedding gift, and she married in 1961, so the book was 20 years old when I made the cake. It's a great recipe, whether you're a baby cook, need something quick, or don't want to cream butter and sugar together! (which I hate WAY worse than cracking eggs!)The cake will sag a little in the middle, but if you frost it, who's going to know? 🙂 Frosting hides a multitude of sins. Thanks for posting!

  2. Sounds like a great read! I will have to check it out! And the original recipe was called Wacky Cake, but since I fiddled with it I decided to rename it! Frosting or nutella works just fine! I am so happy you enjoyed this@ xoM

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