Lemon Curd

Only a few months ago I heard about lemon curd. When I hear the word curd, I cringe because I instantly think of cheese curds. And that is totally cool if you are into cheese curds, but something about their texture just gets to me, same with cottage cheese, fudge and cold macaroni salad. I am a texture-sensitive eater, for the longest time when I was younger I refused to eat yogurt, it gave me the chills. I have gotten over that…sort of, every once in awhile yogurt bothers me. Anyhoo I would define lemon curd as this sublime, or should I say "sublemon" (sorry that was really terrible), confection made from eggs, butter, sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest. It has a smooth, velvety consistency and a very tart yet appetizing taste that you wouldn't expect from its appearance. 

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