New York City Eats

So two weeks ago I went to New York City! While my visit was only about 24 hours, I had a blast! I finally got to see Wicked! All I can say is it was amazing! It was the first play/musical that I was not bored for a single moment! The singing was incredible, and I may or may not have mouthed words to the songs along with them (my sister had gotten the soundtrack a few years ago and I was hooked once I heard it)! Besides seeing this wonderful production, I also ate and shopped my way through NYC!
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Stuck In a Rut

Howdy y’all (no idea where that came from)! While I had hoped my next post would include a recipe, I just felt I had to lay this all out and get your opinion. Also my cooking of late had been terrible, there were the failed sugar cookies, the kind of good banana bread, another batch of failed cookies and the bitter brownies. Anyhoo, let’s get to the main point of this post. So, I am currently stuck in a rut, and it’s really bothering me. I am going to apologize for the rambling that is going to occur in this post, but I really need your help with this.
So here is the thing, I for some reason am bothered by my blog name…ugh I know, I just went through this and had to change all of my accounts. I also I am kind of wigging out over my template, sorry Kailyn! I just love things one moment, then I move on…I think it might have to do with ADD. I don’t want to have to change everything all over, and you probably don’t want to experience that either. Also this all kind of came about today, hopefully I will get over it soon. Also I am horrible at making decisions, even simple ones like what I want to eat or where I want to eat.
I wonder if I change things again, will this just become a pattern? Will I keep wanting to change things up?
I guess this post is a pity party and I am really sorry for that. Also sorry for the rambling incoherence. I am pleading with you here, I know many of don’t comment for one reason or another, but can you take one for the team and do me one. Can you help me and talk some sense into me? Please.

Kind of how I am feeling about this.
I did give up Reeeses though…only a few more weeks!

The Weekly Scoop 3/15/13

Haven't done one of these in a long while…here goes! Let's get right into it! 

1. So recently I made cookies and I even bought special and slightly expensive sprinkles for them, and I am really disappointed with the results. Can anyone say over priced food fail? Oh, and about two weeks ago I had another food fail, but this time it was an epic and expensive food fail. I made homemade Nutella, I even roasted and shelled all of the hazelnuts. I also bought a really pretty jar just for photographing the results. I guess you could say I was really excited about this project! Well, my fancy jar decided it hated me and decided to fly out of my hand with my prized homemade Nutella inside go splat on the floor, shattering the jar. I still am upset. Have you had any food fails that were expensive, or that still bother you to this day?

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One Bowl Wonder Chocolate Cake

If you were scrolling through Pinterest would you be enticed by a pin showing "Crazy Cake" that is made with no butter and no eggs? I was intrigued by this cake, I think it was mostly the fact that it did not have eggs. Win, no cracking eggs! I have this weird aversion to cracking eggs. Once I opened the refrigerator and the eggs came flying out at me and went splat on the floor, yuck. Even before this, I was always bothered by cracking eggs because I feared I would find something else in there other than yolk. Is anyone else afraid of cracking eggs? If anyone is, let's start an egg-phobic support group.
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Lemon Curd

Only a few months ago I heard about lemon curd. When I hear the word curd, I cringe because I instantly think of cheese curds. And that is totally cool if you are into cheese curds, but something about their texture just gets to me, same with cottage cheese, fudge and cold macaroni salad. I am a texture-sensitive eater, for the longest time when I was younger I refused to eat yogurt, it gave me the chills. I have gotten over that…sort of, every once in awhile yogurt bothers me. Anyhoo I would define lemon curd as this sublime, or should I say "sublemon" (sorry that was really terrible), confection made from eggs, butter, sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest. It has a smooth, velvety consistency and a very tart yet appetizing taste that you wouldn't expect from its appearance. 

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