Friday’s Scoop 12/28/12

As fast as the holidays came upon us, they are just as quickly gone! There is hope though, we still have New Years to celebrate! So, pick out your final sparkly outfit of the season and finish your holiday baking! Before you know it, it will be 2013 and then onto Valentine's Day! I went to craft store the other day and I was shocked that they already had Valentine's Day stuff, but then I turned the corner and was horrified to see St. Patrick's Day stuff already! That wasn't the end, I found myself walking down another aisle and BOOM there was Easter stuff! If they are that far ahead into the holidays why not just leave out the Christmas stuff for next year! Stores are pushing the holidays way too much, before Thanksgiving and even around Halloween I was already seeing Christmas things! One holiday at a time people! Enough of my rant on big box stores pushing holidays, time for a more celebratory topic, it's finally Friday and that means time for Friday's Scoop!

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