Ginger Molasses Cookies

The other day I went to this mini market for breakfast, I got a ham, egg and cheese, and a giant gingersnap! I know it was breakfast, but its the holiday season so I was going to get me a gingersnap! This was a true gingersnap, it snapped and crunched with every bite! I love the flavor of gingersnaps, but when they are really snappy, I feel as though I need to grab the nearest glass of water and chug it down. I am a fan of the chewier and moister variety of ginger cookies, so when I saw Table for Two's FaceBook Cookie Swap posting, I got really excited and squealed (okay maybe not squealed, but you get what I mean)! As Julie did, I slightly under baked my cookies so they were extra chewy, just how I like them.

(Phone Picture)

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