Friday’s Scoop 12/28/12

As fast as the holidays came upon us, they are just as quickly gone! There is hope though, we still have New Years to celebrate! So, pick out your final sparkly outfit of the season and finish your holiday baking! Before you know it, it will be 2013 and then onto Valentine's Day! I went to craft store the other day and I was shocked that they already had Valentine's Day stuff, but then I turned the corner and was horrified to see St. Patrick's Day stuff already! That wasn't the end, I found myself walking down another aisle and BOOM there was Easter stuff! If they are that far ahead into the holidays why not just leave out the Christmas stuff for next year! Stores are pushing the holidays way too much, before Thanksgiving and even around Halloween I was already seeing Christmas things! One holiday at a time people! Enough of my rant on big box stores pushing holidays, time for a more celebratory topic, it's finally Friday and that means time for Friday's Scoop!

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MollyCakes Christmas

"Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree"

Merry Christmas! So, did Santa bring everything on your list? He was pretty respectful of my list, and by that I mean he was very kind to me! Was the food fabulous or was something left a little too long in the oven? Our dinner was simple compared to years past, but very delicious all the same! Were your gifts a hit or are you a terrible gifter? Up until this year, I was probably tied with my mom for worst gifter in my family. My mom means well when buying gifts, but she is buys into all sorts of knick-knacks and quirky things. This year I think my gifts went over really well with everybody! I hope you had a happy, safe and delightful holiday! Here are some shots (with my new camera!) from my family's Christmas celebration!

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Dear Santa

On my side of the blog the Christmas spirit has really begun to pick up! I finally got over not listening to Christmas music and am currently rocking out to Celine Dion as I write this! While I spread Christmas magic around my house, I have not really sprinkled any on the blog (see what I did there)! So, I thought I would share my Christmas list and a few shots of my Christmas decorations with you! Hopefully I can do a more comprehensive holiday decorating post, if I get some of the things on my list because they will definitely help improve from these pictures!

Mantel decorations by yours truly!
Tree is not finished, we still need to add tons of TINSEL!
Tinsel makes me a tad excited!

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Ginger Molasses Cookies

The other day I went to this mini market for breakfast, I got a ham, egg and cheese, and a giant gingersnap! I know it was breakfast, but its the holiday season so I was going to get me a gingersnap! This was a true gingersnap, it snapped and crunched with every bite! I love the flavor of gingersnaps, but when they are really snappy, I feel as though I need to grab the nearest glass of water and chug it down. I am a fan of the chewier and moister variety of ginger cookies, so when I saw Table for Two's FaceBook Cookie Swap posting, I got really excited and squealed (okay maybe not squealed, but you get what I mean)! As Julie did, I slightly under baked my cookies so they were extra chewy, just how I like them.

(Phone Picture)

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