Pumpkin Honey Cornbread

Most people make cornbread from those little boxes found in supermarkets everywhere. Well I have this strange but vivid memory from when I was younger about those little boxes. I remember that I was making cornbread with my mom and I had opened the box and poured its contents in a bowl. Well, to my surprise there was a dead fly in it! Yuck! I have since tried to avoid those little boxes, but last year caved and tried the apple cinnamon muffins (no flies were found)! It probably was a freak accident that I got a bad box, I am prone to things like this. Anyways, back to cornbread, homemade cornbread is so delicious, while the boxed mixes are often dry and chalky.

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Chocolate Sugar Cookies with a Milk Chocolate Drizzle and Heath

The Hurricane has gone, and the Nor'easter has passed, I came through with very little damage except for the minor inconvenience of no power. I hope that those of you in the storms' paths are safe as well! After a few days in the dark, I finally was able to make cookies. While without power, I was constantly on Pinterest on my phone, and was finding all of these great recipes. I was so sad that I was not able to make any of them because I had nothing in my fridge and no power to cook with, it was a hopeless cause. So, I was so excited when the power came back on, but I had the hardest time deciding which recipe to bake! I am horrible at decision making, so this process took a while! 
Here are some hurricane pictures of the damage around me, it pales in comparison with those in New York and New Jersey, my heart goes out to those of you in those states! 

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