Autumn Lunch

The other weekend I caught up with a friend who was back in town! We grabbed lunch at this great local market that had all kinds of culinary selections, and other miscellaneous trinkets. I chowed down on a delicious "thanksgiving" panini, it consisted of multigrain bread, roast turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce with honey mustard. Can't wait to try to make one at home after Thanksgiving! The market also had adorable felt Halloween masks and Einstein Energy Bars, also Alice in Wonderland Energy Bars! The place had a local vibe that you just cannot get from any commercial lunch spots! I loved every minute of it, not too mention that I was also with one of my best friends who I had not seen in almost three months!

The packaging included some fantastic puns! 
I have a pathetic sense of humor and for some reason found this really funny. 

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Halloween Spooky Cakes

Happy Halloween! I love Halloween, the costumes, the candy and the spooks! I definitely scare easily and cry like a little girl! In the spirit of Halloween I wanted to concoct an elaborate treat to post about, but that did not happen. Instead ahead of the hurricane I quickly whipped together some trusty good ol' funfetti!

I thought the icing dribbles looked like spider webs, no? 

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Rock Me Like A Hurricane!

As you may know, Frankenstorm is barreling towards the East Coast! As I am on the East Coast, I made my supplies trip to BJs to get water, peanut butter, jelly and batteries, about 450 dollars later I finally exited the building! Ahead of the storm I am just warning you that I may not be able to bake or post for the next week (cry), we almost always lose power during storms. One time it was just us and our neighbors across the street who lost power in our town, INSANITY! During Irene we lost power for seven days…fun.

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"Tate’s" Chocolate Cookies

Most everyone knows and loves Tate's Chocolate Chip cookies, while I enjoy Tate's I am not as enthralled with them as some people.  Don't get me wrong, they have yummy taste but to me they lack  an authentic homemade taste, rather they possess an artificial essence of butter. So, I sought to make a truly homemade version of the infamous Tate's cookies! The recipe I found is delectable and definitely has a homemade taste!

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Blueberry Boy Bait

The story goes that a young girl once entered a recipe similar to this into the Pillsbury Baking Competition! Although she only took second place, her lovely story has lived on! She named her confection Blueberry Boy Bait because of its ability to have boys swooning over her! Now if only my baked goods had boys swooning for me…I have had two off-the-cuff marriage proposals after sharing my cookies! I guess that counts as swooning? Right? Only these have so far not panned out, but anyways on with the food!

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